All of our trails are well marked. You will never get lost and if you have tackled a trail that is too long, there are even short-cuts leading back to the chalet.

We label each trail with the level of difficulty. Since there are over 80 km of single track and double track trails, it is important to know the level of technical and physical challenges. There are trails that are mostly flat for beginners, rolling trails for those that like a little bit of up and down, and steep hills for the racers and those that would like to challenge their fitness and technical skills. So be sure to download a trail map or stop to take a look at the big map by the start of the trails.

The staff members are fully trained in first aid and we have a Bike Patrol every weekend that constantly monitor the trails for your safety.

All of our trails are one way. This means that if you are descending down a hill, you do not need to worry about a collision. We ask that you still bike with care and to be aware of corners, but there are fewer incidents on one way trails.

They are cleared daily of any trees or debris. Our outdoor maintenance crew continuously monitor the trails, especially after a big storm.

At the end of each day we sweep our trails to make sure that everyone is safely back to their cars. So if you have fallen and can’t get up, don’t worry -we’ll find you!

We ask that all riders respect others on the trail and pass with care. A polite call of “on your left” as you go by a slower rider is the best way to pass.

Trail maps

*Click on course name to see it on the map