Hardwood Ski and Bike has over 80 km of beautiful, rolling trails through hardwood and pine forests for mountain biking. In addition to the 34 km of rolling double track trails, there is an additional 50 km of challenging single track trails that intertwine with the ski trail network creating endless possibilities of courses and obstacles.

With learning in mind, Hardwood Ski and Bike wants to make mountain biking accessible to anyone from 4 – 70 years of age. There are trails for every level and ability and lessons/programs in place for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Kids can enjoy the Radical Riders program or Camp Hardwood while adults can enjoy a Ride Better Clinic, Women’s Clinic, or Cyclo Cross Clinic.


Bike Helmet

A bike helmet MUST be on the top of your bike gear list when visiting Hardwood Ski and Bike. There is a zero tolerance policy about helmets here. A bike helmet could save your life – wear it. Be sure to ensure it properly fits you; adjusting the dial at the back and the chin strap until it is doesn’t move is perfect.

Bike Shorts

A must-have when riding! They will help with aerodynamics, provide support, prevents moisture build up and lastly but MOST importantly, the padding gives your bum a little comfort and protection from the seat, especially on those longer rides.

Cycling Gloves

You may not think you need these at first, but by the end of your first day mountain biking, we bet your palms will be sore. The purpose to all cycling gear is comfort. So by purchasing cycling gloves, you are providing padding and cushion to your palms, which will give you a comfortable ride.

Bike Jerseys

A bike jersey most definitely offers some features you won’t get from a cotton t-shirt. Jerseys actually “breathe”, which will in turn keep you cool and dry. There are usually pockets in the back to keep your keys, wallet or cell phone; as well as a zipper in the front so you can adjust your ventilation.


Sounds really boring, right? Well we wouldn’t feed you some nonsense about ‘cycling socks’ if it weren’t true. So here it goes. They are important because you want to be blister free and dry. We have special socks in the store that will wick away your sweat and provide the perfect amount of cushion for your toesies. Promise.