Things You Should Know Before You Visit



Dogs Are Not Allowed on Trail

  • we all love dogs but for safety and in fairness to all of our customers we do not allow dogs on the trails or in the Chalet at any time. Dogs are welcome around the main grounds around the Chalet, Odell Building and HQ, but they must be on a leash at all times. Please do not leave your dogs in your car when it is hot or cold.

No Trespassing

  • For insurance reasons access to our trails is prohibited beyond operating hours. Skiing, snowshoeing or biking when we are closed is trespassing.
  • For your safety at the end of each day all skiers or riders must be off the trails at the time of closing before staff can leave. There is a $150 surcharge if we have to go out and find customers on the trails who decide to stay after hours. The last thing that we want to do is to leave someone who is hurt out on the trails. If you are hurt please call us at 705.487.3775 and we will come out and help you.

One-Way Trails

  • All of our trails are one way. Going the wrong way on a trail is dangerous and will result in the loss of access to trails. Please ski, ride and move only in the direction that the trail is marked.


  • We do have handicap access in our chalet along with a special area for parking. Please call us if you require special access and we will direct you to the proper area.

Rental Procedures 

  • When you pass through the front doors of the chalet please go to the rental desk that is just to your left and fill out a rental form before you go to the front desk to pay. The form must be filled out and is required for every person 18 and over. Renters who are 17 and under can be added to an adult form.
  • Proceed to the front desk to pay for your rentals. We require a credit card imprint for security on all rentals. We will accept your car keys if you do not have a credit card.
  • Once you have paid for your rentals please proceed to the rental area to pick up your equipment.
  • Please exit the rental area through the rental doors. When returning your equipment please return back through the same doors.
  • Rental equipment must be returned at least 15 minutes before closing.

Registering for Programs & Events

  • Call ahead to book lessons. Clinics, Events and other special offerings can be registered in person, online, or over the phone.


Winter Trail Pass

  • The Afternoon Trail Pass is only sold after 1 pm.  We will not sell any Afternoon Trail Passes before 1:00.
  • We do not sell any trail passes later than 1 hour and 15 minutes before our closing time for the day. This means that if we close at 5 pm for the day the last time that we will sell a trail pass is 3:45 pm.


  • We are open for night skiing during most of the winter until 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Skiing is permitted on our night loop as well as on the Torino and Nagano trails only with a headlamp.


  • Snowshoers must stay on snowshoe trails, or ‘Phatty’ only.


  • On weekends and holidays Fatbiking is restricted to the dedicated ‘Phatty’ trail. All other days all trails are open to Fatbiking. 
  • Please use caution and be considerate of others on shared ski trails.

Winter Parking

  • Parking in the lower lot next to the chalet on weekends in the winter is reserved for members only. Season pass holders and day pass holders must park in the upper lot. Cars that do not have the proper parking pass in the lower lot will be towed.


Trail Walking/Running

  • We do allow walking or running on our trails in the summer with the purchase of a Trail Pass. These activities are limited to our double track trails only. There is no walking or running allowed on single track mountain bike trails.

Mountain Bike Rentals

  • Please call ahead before your visit to confirm rental equipment you require is available. We have separate rentals for on-site and off-site usage.


  • Pedal assist E-Mountain Bikes are permitted on the trails at Hardwood Ski and Bike. No other electric bikes are permitted.