Stone grinding is a process to restore your ski base to like-new or better than new condition. The ski base surface will have micro damage from normal use, scratches, and heating from an iron. Over time, abrasive snow, drying of the base, wear at high pressure points and application of flouro waxes will eventually seal the base.

Stone grinding will remove a micro layer of old p-tex base and expose newly structured base. It will also help to flatten the base for better glide and easier application and scraping of wax.


Stone Grinding will make your skis faster, more stable and accept wax better. We also recommend Infrared wax treatment after Stone grinding to saturate the base with a colder wax. The Infrared process is superior to hot boxing skis, as the wax is melted but the ski is not heated.

Most skis benefit from a yearly refresh, and stone grinding can be combined with an end-of-the-season storage wax so that your skis are ready to get back on the trail when you are!

Before and After Stone Grinding

A pair of skis showing the effect of Stone Grinding.

Left Ski after Stone Grinding, Right Ski in received condition.

Close up Stone Grinding

A close up view

Shows clear wear on the right ski, and the beautiful finish on the left, after Stone Grinding and wax.



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$69.99 Basic Stone Grinding with Universal Wax
$99.99 Stone Grind with Infrared (Base Prep Wax & Harding wax)