Love walking or running off the beaten path, but afraid you might get lost?

At Hardwood Ski and Bike, enjoy our picturesque forest, well-marked trail system and peace of mind. Be prepared for a fantastic workout! With over 80 km of combined single track and double track trails featuring an up and down vertical, your terrain options are endless!

We ask that you please yield to mountain bikers. It is easier to step aside on foot than it is to with a mountain bike. It is important that you stay alert and listen for mountain bikers, as it is harder for them to hear you. Since the trails are one way and have a few blind spots, it is highly recommended that you do not have your headphones on the highest volume. We also recommend wearing brighter colours, so any riders can spot you and know to slow down.

Dogs are not allowed on the trail. We’d like to think everyone would scoop their dog’s poop, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Please make other arrangements for your pets.