Have a blast while learning new skills.

This five week learn-to-mountain bike program covers a variety of skills that will focus on FUNdamentals. Through activities and games, Radical Riders will learn riding techniques such as climbing, descending, obstacles, braking, gearing, and how to properly adjust their bike to fit themselves.

Radical Riders teens are for young teens with an interest in becoming more skilled on the trails. With a focus on obstacles, corners, and singletrack riding this course will help teens develop the skills to be a more confident rider.

Summer Sessions:

July 4 – Aug 1 July 5 – Aug 2 July 9 – Aug 6
Saturdays 10am-12pm Sundays 10am-12pm Thursdays 5:30pm-7:30pm

Fall Sessions:

Sept 5 – Oct 3 Sept 6 – Oct 4 Sept 10 – Oct 8
Saturdays 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm Sundays 10am-12pm Thursdays 4pm-6pm

**Radical Riders must be between 6 and 15 by Dec 31, 2020**