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Trek Store Canada Cup Course open for Pre-Riding




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The 2018 Trek Store Canada Cup / Ontario Cup Cross Country will take place on June 16/17 at Hardwood Ski and Bike.

The Canada Cup/Ontario Cup Course is preliminarily marked and open for pre-riding! The course is NOW OPEN for Pre-Ride only during regular Hardwood Ski & Bike hours and trail fees apply.

The Course this year is a big change with a throwback to more of an old school course. The course will pass the feed zone twice per lap and use some favorites like BoneShaker, Deena’s JoyRide, MBX, but also adds in some rarely used Radical trails in the far end of the system. There is also a Youth specific course for the 8:30 start.
See for updated course maps, schedule, and registration. Start times can be different from Ontario Cup. Be sure to carefully check the schedule for race times, and your appropriate course.

Saturday, June 16 – Join us for an afternoon of empowerment through sports during our Champ Chat at Hardwood Ski & Bike! This Champ Chat includes an inspirational Chat and Q&A with our Fast and Female Ambassadors, physical activity sessions, yoga, autographs, and more! Participants will enjoy high-quality face-to-face time with female athlete role models. Register here


Sunday, June 17 – Cross Country races. There are events for all ages and abilities, with many of Canada’s best mountain bikers racing at 1:45 pm.


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