Our Equipment

Machine 1: For high snow conditions we rely on our Pisten Bully 400 – the biggest groomer that is used for XC ski grooming.

Machine 2: In lower snow conditions we use our Pisten Bully 100 with special rubber tracks. This groomer sets perfect trails without digging into the dirt below the snow.

Machine 3:  In the early season and in the lowest snow conditions we have two YTS Ginzu groomers that we pull behind our snowmobiles.

Our Promise & Quality

Great grooming – every day. We have state of the art groomers that make great trail conditions regardless of how much snow there is or what the weather conditions are. Our promise is that we will groom to the best of our ability every day.

We groom every night during the winter and if we need to groom again during the day we will do so, safely, with our smaller machines. Sure, you can ski in any park with snow, but that is like trying to play golf in a farmer’s field. Once you have skied on our trails you will agree that this is the only way to ski.