Our professional service staff can help to make your xc skiing easier and more fun. We can wax your skis for classic or skate with Swix wax, do most small repairs on skis, mount any xc binding and give you all the advice that you need. Most of these tasks can be done while you wait.

We have a “hot-box” on site that will super saturate your bases with glide wax to make the wax last longer or to make your skis faster. We recommend that you do this twice per year for maximum benefits. The cost is $30 + tax per pair. The price is only $15 + tax per pair for new skis when they are purchased at Hardwood Ski and Bike.

We have a waxing hut with benches for “do-it-yourself” waxing.

Do you have a lot of scratches on the base of your skis? Do the bases look white and dry? Instead of buying a new pair of skis or skiing on slow skis why not have them “stoneground”. Stonegrinding will rejuvenate your bases and make them new again. We send skis out to Gatineau Nordique in Chelsea, Quebec to be professionally ground on a xc ski specific grinder by Wayne Johannsen. The price is $75 plus the cost of a hot box saturation of $30 and shipping and handling. For less than $150 in total you could have a pair of skis that ski like brand new.

We do full bike repairs all year round. Bring your road, mountain, or any other bike into our shop in the winter so that you are ready when the snow melts in the spring. A general tune-up is only $39.95 + tax.

We carry a full line of parts and accessories for your bike in the summer.