Our easiest trail features plenty of flatter sections with gentle gradual uphills and downhills for the beginner skier or someone looking for an easy tour. 5 km


The second easiest trail adds a few more uphills and downhills to Torino. Another great trail for the beginner skier who is fit enough to ski. 8 km


An intermediate trail that features more rolling uphills and downhills than Torino or Nagano. This is the favourite trail of our members and a great training trail for the racers with enough to challenge the intermediate skier. 12 km


If you want hills then this is your trail. Lillehammer follows the hilly terrain on the outside edge of the trail system for a roller coaster ride. Best for experts or intermediate skiers who want a challenge. 15 km

Salt Lake City

This trail uses almost the complete trail system at Hardwood except the easier trail to the Posts and back. It is designed for expert skiers with good fitness. 22 km


Our racing trail has 44 uphills and downhills in only 10 km giving it the most climb per kilometer of any trail in our system. If you are fit and like to go fast on downhills this is the trail for you. 10 km


A “retro” back country single track trail that starts and finishes at the Posts. This trail is for classic skiing only and requires good agility and balance making it great for intermediate and advanced skiers.  3 km

One Way Meadowlands

Thanks to ONE WAY Sports, the Meadowlands trail is back! This trail is mostly flat terrain, with a few rolling hills, making it perfect for both novice and veteran Nordic skiers. 7.5 km